Compton Family Newborn Session

Watching the look of amazement, appreciation and wonder in the eyes of brand new parents as they admire their baby is one of my all time favorite things.  As a mom, I've been there.  I cried happy tears in those early days holding our babies -- and still do -- out of pure thankfulness God chose my husband, Zach, and me to raise two of His children here on Earth.  It's just such a miracle as a mom to feel that baby move in your belly then hold them in your arms once they enter the world.  You experience a feeling of "I've known you from the moment you were conceived" paired with "I'm meeting you for the first time."

Capturing the raw emotion of the first few weeks of a baby's life -- especially for new parents -- is a special thing.  Let's be honest, these photos will probably be the majority of what they remember because that newborn phase is a sleepless, milk scented fog...a blissful fog, but a fog nonetheless.  This sweet family is soaking in their little blessing.  Baby Compton is one lucky little dude to have such loving parents.  Congratulations, Compton family of three!